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Wooden Pallet 90%
Pine Wood Pallet 66%
Plastic Pallet 85%
Pine Wood 96%
Tropical Mixed Wood 70%

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Our major is to provide quality wooden pallet and Pine Wood Material for the industries. PalletXPert start gaining experience in wooden pallet industry since 2007. We manage to engage consistent supply to various leading company in Malaysia. For our online platform, we distribute trough-out most region in Malaysia.

About Our Product and Preview Of Us

We Manufacture wide range of Wooden Pallet to meet your requirement. We do trade or refurbish used / second-hand wooden pallet for an alternatively cheaper solution for our client. Besides that, we do manufacture refurnish wooden pallet material such as Pine wood pallet to be sold in pallet form or loose material for personal DIY/carpentry work.
14mm x 90mm Pine Plank

20mm x 90mm Pine Plank

38mm x 50mm Pine Beam

38mm x 90mm Pine Beam

15mm & 9mm x 4ft x 8ft OSB Board

And Many more……

800mm x 1200mm x 125mm Wooden Pallet

1100mm x 1100mm x 125mm Wooden Pallet

1000mm x 1200mm x 150mm Wooden Pallet

Two Entry Four Entry Wooden Pallet

And Many more……