• Wide range of product and service in single directory.
  • Product assurance.
  • Reliable and Consistence.
  • Ready to commit in long-term business relationship with reasonable price.

  • Right at your requirement – Custom made.
  • Safe and clean working environment.
Wooden Pallet 90%
Pine Wood Pallet 66%
Plastic Pallet 85%
Pine Wood 96%
Tropical Mixed Wood 70%

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Our major is to provide quality wooden pallet and Pine Wood Material for our customers. Since the beginning, we have serves thousands of customer young and old, entrepreneurs and business direct and indirect towards pallet and Pine Wood.

About Our Product and Preview Of Us

Our product from Woden Pallet, Plastic Pallet, Used Wooden Pallet, Recondition Pallet, Wooden Box and Pine Wood Material.
14mm x 90mm Pine Plank

20mm x 90mm Pine Plank

38mm x 50mm Pine Beam

38mm x 90mm Pine Beam

15mm & 9mm x 4ft x 8ft OSB Board

And Many more……

800mm x 1200mm x 125mm Wooden Pallet

1100mm x 1100mm x 125mm Wooden Pallet

1000mm x 1200mm x 150mm Wooden Pallet

Two Entry Four Entry Wooden Pallet

And Many more……