providing one stop solution, we owns a wide range of product. What we offer is what the best in the market. We are looking for long term…

We were born back in year 2006, supplying wooden pallet to a very small number of company in a very small town. The push of branding out our product to the market, we quickly understand the secret philosophy on building quality product and services in a very short period of time, this square thing looks artless, but as in construct it for tons of weight, some skill is required. As time goes by, the increasing amounts of demand, proven again our product acknowledged and expecting by the market.

To describe the story of us in short, the amateur building ‘best effort we can’ pallet from scratch to something valuable in the production industry; supplying inadequate pallet to export and ISO standard.

While expanding our business, we relocated to the largest timber and wood work industrial estate in Malaysia in year 2010. Since that, the problem of shortage of storage and insufficient space for machineries, we continue persuasively distributing numbers of Malaysia leading industry in Kuala Lumpur, Nilai, Seremban, Melaka, Muar, Johor and Singapore.

Currently our product has been spreading to Pine Wood Supply ,Wooden Pallet, Material For Wooden Lumber. One-stop portal providing uppermost quality pallet and services, the begins.