Four way wooden pallet is more adaptable, as specially for a limited space warehouses.

Friendly to: Folk lift and hand jack

weight capacity: 1 ton

uses: one or multiple time light usage.

Size: Standard 1100mm x 1100mm (customize size are applicable)

weight of pallet: 13-17kg/pcs depend on size and requirement.

Why choose four way wooden pallets? Lifting tools are able to lift the pallet in four different directions (front, opposite side, left or right side). Best choice for warehouse store especially for those places which have limited of space, ideal for space management.

Type of Standard Four Way Wooden Pallet:

  • Single deck pallet –only one deck accessible, non-reversible pallet and not suitable for stacking.
  • Double deck pallet– only one deck accessible, non- reversible pallet and stackable.

Detail of Standard Four Way Wooden Pallet:

  • There are 3 beams / runners in standard wooden pallet, runner are form by block, function as to withstand the weight; support planks function as beholding all block and form as a base for the entire pallet. Standard block size are 3” (H), 3.75”(W) and 3-4”(L). Maximum weight capacity are 800kg (dynamic), 2000kg (static); For higher strength, more block shall be apply for better strength.
  • Board or planks are very subjective to what size of pallet, the plank standard size as 15mm x 100mm or 75mm
  • Nail size and type: 2” x 2.1mm diameter.

Note: Four way wooden pallet are somewhat more expensive compare to Two Way Wooden Pallet and yet the weight capacity are lesser. But the selling point are folk-lift are able to access all four different direction.