Plastic are clean, odourless, washable and recyclable. Comply with ISPM 15 regulation. It’s best for food related, sensitive chemical, petrol industries and many more.

Plastic pallet are typically playing an important role in modern fashion, indeed the cost is higher than wooden type, but it does cheaper in long run calculation, since the average life span on a plastic pallet in written is 5 years, but it will be longer if it use and handle properly.

For presentation and safety (plastic pallet) – the absence of splinters, sharp edge and protruding nails ensures a cleaner and safer working environment. Plastic pallet rest assures you have no worries on maintenance, need not worry about when the termite going to attack, exposure of sunlight or in wet. The only down side is, it produce in bulk, if you are looking for out of designated size, most people will opt for WOODEN PALLET.

many benefits as below:

  • Clean & Hygienic – it is free from contamination risk and unrestricted to GMP, HACCP & ISO 22001.

  • Acquire ISO 14001 : 2004 environmental protection

  • Acquire ISO 9001 : 2008 quality Management System

  • RoHS Compliant – no issue exporting to Europe country.

  • ISPM-15 Compliant – less administrative works and hassle free; Speedy clearance through export customs.

  • Consistent Quality – Hi-tech fully automated machine made – reliable and dependable packing solution.

  • Automation friendly – No jams in production chain, reduce downtime, increase production output.

  • Lightweight – easier to lift by worker and solve overload problem during shipment by air/sea. Plastic pallet can be weight as low as 8kg.

  • High resale value – when pallet are handle and used properly, the pallet are as good as new and the purchaser of used plastic pallet usually no issue.

  • Recyclable – reproduction