First thing before we go deep into the design, user need to confirm it’s either a two way or four way wooden pallets; standard weight usage or heavy weight usage they are going to use.

*As summary two way pallet are somewhat stronger and cheaper than 4 way pallet; Four way pallet are somewhat slightly more expensive but more versatile than 2 way pallet.

Details affect the overall design:-

General usage – Single deck with stacking pattern

For building construction material – single deck 2 way pallets with wings NO 4 ways! The wings are design for crane to lift the pallet up to the building and system pallet.

Gab on top plank – standard 2inches, and subject to change as per design upon what goods to be place on top. The fewer planks to use, the cheaper the price will be and vice-versa.

Life spans for the pallet – single usage, one time dispatch only OR multiple usages, longer lives span to be use in warehouse. For warehouse uses, usually we will cater for reversible pallet, which mean the pallets are able to use both sides.

To work this out on the safer side, contact us and we have a special team dedicated to design pallet best for you.