There are 6 type of plastic pallet. All pallet are similarly identical, four entry plastic pallet, view each pallet for detail information.

  1. Cargo Pallet – some say light weight pallet, commonly single usage plastic pallet. Best for cargo shipment. Material – Recycle.

2. Medium duty pallets– multiple usages with efficient weight. Suitable for stacking and light racking.

3. Heavy weight pallets– multiple usages with thick rib structure. Suitable for heavy load around 1000 kg recommended and friendly for stacking and racking.

4. Super hygiene pallets– multiple usages with flat and smooth top platform. Best for food, beverage, paper and printing industry. HACCP and GMP environment. Friendly for Racking and stacking.

5. Pharmaceutical pallets– multiple usages with flat and smooth surface all over the pallet. Mostly use for pharmaceutical and ultra-hygienic environment. Friendly for racking and stacking.

6. Automatic storage retrieval system pallets– Ultra-high strength to withstand heavy loads and yield less than 10mm deflection on the racking system. Suitable for ASRS (Automated Storage Retrieval System) application and drive-in racking.