Wooden pallet is a piece of tool widely used for handling purposes.

It is typically four-sided or some in rectangle figure.

Wooden Pallet is made by WOOD – Obviously.

Wooden pallet are most friendly as in terms of valuing and costing.

It’s most economical among the group and multi dimension to select or to customized whichever extent in size you expect to be with no constraint on least order mandatory.

The purpose of wooden pallet is to carry a typical basic load of standard 500kg to 1000 Kg or in pound 1,100 pounds to 2,200 pounds.

Pallet plays a significant role in most of the industry, from transferring goods to warehouse storage and even dumping of industrial wastage.

Pallet is basically a portable platform designed for lifting devices such as folk-lift, pallet jack and etc.

The presence of pallet saves numerous of manpower on moving heavy /massive object from one place to another.

Wooden pallets are very flexible as they are easy to dismantle, resize and repair.

You need not expensive appliance or mechanism to perform the task.

Human errors are undeniable, even for a well-trained experience forklift driver have a tendency to make mistake:-

crash on wooden pallet with forklift
damages the pallet with forklift tines
lifting the pallet improperly
uneven weight distribution load on pallet
moving the pallet without lifting the pallet

Solution in short, most of the crack and broken pallet are due to the mistake carried by the users and the act of Mother Nature.

The beauty of wooden pallet is, it require minimum know-how and tools to replace (repair) the broken part in a split second.

Wooden Pallet in Malaysia Still in High Demand?

Simple, Plastic is more expensive, that’s why in industrial estate, wooden pallet can be found outside the building, while plastic pallet are located inside the building under security perimeter. Wooden pallets are a lot cheaper to construct and are therefore less costly to lose….

Generally the cost of pallet indirectly charge-in finished goods:

higher the pallet cost = higher selling price. 

As in today’s highly competitive market, this will lead to certain impact on revenue and even worse case, loss of sales.

Due to cost saving issue, the resale value of used pallet is rising, Pallet consumers progressively become comfortable making use of reconditioned pallets, which are often offered at a substantially better price than new pallets of similar quality.

Some creative minds handsomely transform and attach the pallet (used pallet as specially) into useful furniture, garden set, floor deck, counter, partition even house made from wooden pallet.