Wooden Waste Recycling Company In Malaysia

Looking For Someone to Clear The Mess? 

Wooden Pallet / wooden crate are hard to dispose, even trashing it would cost you money, we are here offering to assist your hassle, if your disposal are within our recyclable list, we will even offer to purchase as a token of appreciation!

How we workout? 

PalletXPert has been in serious business for years, crates & pallet are very troublesome as specially in a busy operation field,  we accept contractual service to be ready at your service to ensure there is no wood trash left behind. Sample Below for your reference:-

*Picture below is grab from Google and it purely for illustration purpose only.

Need to talk? click on the contact us , our team will get back to you within 24 hours. Meanwhile please prepare detail such as picture and site location to be visit. Thank you!