Fumigated Pallet


According to the requirement of ISPM 15, addresses that the need of fumigation or heat treatment shall be done at the origin country before export. chemicals such as methyl bromide shall be use for fumigation. This service is available upon request by customer in one week in advance as the chemical shall need approval from Jabatan pertanian Malaysia. Fumigation proceed shall be completed at least 24 hours. A stamp of the IPPC will be stamp by their officer after completion. All the costs shall be liable to customer. Please drop us your enquiry and we shall work out from there. FUMIGATION IN DUTY:


Kills all the living insects big or small even a small tiny larva will not be survive.


Fumigation does not kill the insect in egg form. Probability of the egg hatch during the pallet being dispatch. But as per our expert, ‘yes, the egg hatch, but the parents is all dead! how can they survive without them? at the end, they all died’. It sounds like a joke, but it make sense. The main function of the fumigation is to have a insect free pallet, if the fumigated pallet was stored around termite or around insect, the chances of contamination is exist.