What are two way wooden pallets? It means that lifting tools are able to lift the pallet in two directions (front and opposite side) only.

Type of standard two way wooden pallet:

  • Single deck pallet –only one deck accessible, non-reversible pallet and cant stack.
  • Double deck pallet– only one deck accessible, non- reversible pallet and stackable.
  • Reversible pallet – Both side, front and bottom are accessible, reversible and stackable.

Detail of Standard Two way wooden pallet:

  • There are 3 beams / runners in standard wooden pallet, size of beam/runner are standard as 1.5” x 3.75”. Maximum weight capacity are 1000kg (dynamic ), 3000kg (static); For 4 beams / runners, maximum weight capacity are 1500kg (dynamic), 4000kg (static).
  • Board or planks are very subjective to what size of pallet, the plank standard size as 15mm x 100mm or 75mm
  • Nail size and type: 2” x 2.1mm diameter.