Why Pinewood ?

Decay Mould Free

Pine has High Resistant on Decay

We Recommend

longer life spend on naked condition such as wooden crates, pallet.

Common Field

Widely used in carpentry work & packaging industry

We Recommend

Indoor carpentry work, DIY and wooden pallet

why people like pinewood

Chemical free, blends well and sturdy wood

We think Pinewood

is perfect wood for everyone, the aroma, the unique spiral curves from pine and for most, it’s affordable.

What Else? We Have The Best Support Around

PalletXPert is your ideal┬ácentre which we offer not only pallet and Pine Material, we offer best service and on stop free consultation.┬áBut that’s not all, we provide free delivery any place in Malaysia subject to conditions.

Recycle Pinewood Material

Keeping our earth greener, we do recycle and reprocess pinewood material, the benefit part is, all type of pinewood are sells under same price and generally acceptable for local market because of the selling price is cheaper compare to new material.

New Pinewood Material

For advance user and typical project requirement, we do have new Pinewood material such as Spruce, Red Pine, Southern Yellow Pine, White Pine and Etc. From raw timber to fully KD to fully S4S.

Tak pernah berurusan dengan kedai macam ni.servis plg terbaik walaupun kita hanya beli sikit je.vincent u are good man.tq sebab bagi pinjam circular saw.must repeat this shop again.
Mohd Azizi Osman
The best service n fast respond for any inquiry…Senang berurusan dengan PalletXPert..Order semalam hari ini sampai
Amir Hidhir
TAK PERNAH LG JUMPA SERVIS TERBAIK NI!!! Order pagi,esok tghari dah sampai Langkawi tp sampai 18 keping je dan saya complaint kt dorang sbb saya order 20 keping,cpt btul respon dan minta maaf dan dorang janji akan hantar yg lg 2 keping tu + 3 keping FOC dan cas delivery FREE. Mana nk dpt cenggini,customer service paling awesome!!
Ashraff Zimmerer

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